Case Study Garo-AMADA automatic machine setup innovations reduce lead times.

Gårö Plåtprodukter are a large sheet metal sub-contractor based in Gnosjö, Sweden. The company focuses on thin material production with many contracts in the shop fitting and electrical enclosure industries. The company’s mission is providing reliable time delivery to their many customers.

AMADA equipment list:

  • EM-3612ZR-T + ASIII MP + PRIII 2P Punching cell with automatic tool changer
  • LIII + EMZ-3610 + PRIII UL Punching cell 
  • L300 + VP368K + PRII UL Punching cell 
  • HG-1003ARs Robot bending cell
  • Astro100 Robot bending cell
  • HG-1003ATC Press brake with automatic tool changer
  • HG-1003 Press brake 
  • HFP-1003 Press brake 
  • HFP-8025 Press brake 
  • HFE-5012 Press brake 
  • TOGUIII Grinding machine
  • 1998 – Established
  • 2016 – Installation of EM-ZRT punching line and HG-ARs bending robot
  • 2017 – Installation of HG-ATC press brake
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"We have 3 people running 10 machines thanks to the automated material handling and setup features of our AMADA machines"
Daniel Petersson
Gårö Plåtprodukter