Case Study VM Tarm A/S overcome underside marking by investing in AMADA ALPHA V

Having been operating an AMADA ALPHA IV laser for nearly 10 years, VM Tarm has recently upgraded to an AMADA ALPHA V which is set to improve production quality and reliability.
Focusing on product quality, VM Tarm opted for AMADA ALPHA V. The machine features a brush table, which helps reducing scratching on the underside of the sheet as well as increasing cutting speeds, up to 15% faster than its predecessor.
AMADA Machines
  • LC-2415 ALPHA V
  • HFE3i-2204L

Found in 1948 in Kolding, Denmark, VM Tarm manufactures and offers stainless steel and aluminium customised tank trucks to both domestic and international markets, with a production capacity of 200-300 tank trucks annually.  Currently VM Tarm is running an AMADA HFE3i press brake alongside their ALPHA V laser; both of which work well together and have improved the communications between the manufacturing processes. Aspiring to be the leading manufacturer of tanker solutions in Northern Europe, the company has continuously been investing in R&D and new technology.
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"Our customers demand high quality. Most importantly, high quality represents our brand, and this demands a higher selling price."
Karsten Lauridsen
VM Tarm A/S