Hybrid Drive Press Brake with Automatic Tool Changer
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For OEM's and sub-contractors alike, increasing productivity and through-put is the main target for improving profitability. Smaller batch sizes are causing more time lost due to an ever increasing number of machine set ups. Amada's HG1003 ATC is the solution, allowing fast efficient set up when dealing with smaller batch sizes.

  • Automatic Tool Changer - Ideal for small batch production
  • Hybrid Drive System - ecological & high accuracy
  • High accuracy bending - beam adjusts during part processing
  • Multi touch screen 3D control - 19" smartphone style
  • Digital part processing - BendNavi 3D control software
  • BI-S automatic angle measuring system
  • VPSS Software Solution Pack for seamless programming
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Automatic Tool Changing
  • ATC unit- Automatic changing of Punch and Die profiles
  • Automatic Hydraulic Tool Clamping
  • Amada AMTSII Tool System
High Speed Operation
  • 20mm/s bend speed and 220 mm/s approach
Reduced Power & Maintenance
  • Hybrid Drive - Electric servo driven hydraulics
  • 50% power saving
  • 60% less oil
High Precision Operation
  • Positioning accuracy of 0.001mm
  • Beam adjusts during part processing
  • Automatic material thickness detection (TDS)
  • BI-S automatic angle measurement system
Faster & Easy Part Processing
  • Multi CNC controlled axis
  • Multi touch screen AMNC3i 3D control
  • BendNavi control software – input DXF files to control
  • Automatic sliding foot pedal
  • Delta-X backgauge for complex part gauging
  • Wireless DIGIPRO
VPSS Software Solution Pack
  • Production Designer – accurate processing of 2D & 3D files
  • Dr ABE Bend II – automated offline programming
MODEL 100-3220-4
Press Capacity (kN)10002200
Bend Length (mm)29904300
Open Height (mm)596596
Stroke Length (mm)250250
Throat Depth (mm)450450
Max Backgauge (mm)10001000
Number of Controlled Axis77
Distance Between Uprights (mm)27003760
Number of Punch Stations1518
Number of Die Stations1825
Standard egenskaber
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Automatic sliding foot pedal
  • BI-S automatic angle sensors
  • Delta-X backgauge
  • 7 CNC controlled axis
  • AMNC 3i multi touch screen control
  • BendNavi control software
  • Hybrid Drive - Electric servo driven hydraulics
  • VPSS Software Solution Pack
  • Wireless DIGIPRO