Automated folding of small complex components
Maskintype : Automatiseret bukning

The EG-AR series is the latest addition to our range of manual and automated press brakes.  Designed specifically for high speed bending of small complex parts, the whole system is designed for unmanned production of any volume size or part mix. Equipped with the world's first twin servo electric drive mechanism, the EG-AR offers high speed and high accuracy bending, with lower power usage and a compact footprint. Features such as automatic angle measuring, offline programming, multiple part load/unload stations and an automatic tool changer all add to the systems impressive list of production capabilities.

  • Robot specifically designed for bending complex
  • BiS automatic angle measuring system
  • Safely bend small and complex components
  • World's first twin servo electric drive
  • Offline programming by dedicated CAM software
  • Automatic tool and robot hand changer
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Cost effective production
  • High speed bending of small parts
  • Fully automated bending cell
  • Efficient electric servo drives
  • Compact footprint
High precision operation
  • DSP Drive system with twin servo motors
  • BI-S automatic angle measurement system
  • Robot specific potentiometer backgauge
  • Stable processing of long production runs
Fast & easy part processing
  • Dedicated CADCAM software package
Reliable automated operation
  • Robot on track for multiple load/unload positions
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Automatic robot gripper changer
  • Material thickness detection
Open Height635mm
Stroke Length150mm
Approach Speed220mm/s
Bending Speed25mm/s
Robot Axes6 axes + 1 Travel axis
Payload10kg (with gripper)
Travel Axis3.2m
Grippers3 (1 for tools)
Tool Stocker10 (LS type)
Loader4 positions
Workpiece Size300mm x 300mm
Workpiece Stack Height300mm
Unloader (option)2 containers
200mm x 600mm conveyor
60kg capacity
Maximum Workpiece Size300mm x 300mm x 2.0mm
Minimum Workpiece Size40mm x 80mm x 0.6mm
Maximum Workpiece Mass1.5kg
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