HG-ARs Series

Automating the Folding Process
Maskintype : Automatiseret bukning

By using the high specification HG press brake as their base, the HG-AR range of automated bending cells are particularly flexible. Equipped with user friendly control technologies and offering high precision operation with fast processing speeds. The HG-1003ARs offers innovative automated bending solutions to improve efficiency and open the door to new business markets.

  • HG Hybrid Drive Press Brake for high speed and high accuracy
  • AMNC 3i touch screen control panel for easy operation
  • Offline programming with dedicated CAM software
  • Robot and grippers optimized for folding small parts
  • Automatic tool changer and automatic gripper changer
  • Multiple load/unload pallet options
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Cost Effective Production
  • Fully automated bending cell
  • Capable of bending simple or highly complex parts
  • 50% power saving & 60% less oil
High Precision Operation
  • Hybrid drive - electric servo driven hydraulics
  • Consistent angle accuracy
  • BI-S automatic angle measurement system
Reliable Automated Operation
  • Automatic tool changer (15 punches & 18 dies)
  • Automatic gripper changer
  • Thickness detection system (TDS) to automatically measure material
  • Force control system
  • LD camera for accurate loading
Fast & Easy Part Processing
  • Dedicated offline programming software
  • Automatic tool set-up
  • AMNC 3i 3D touch screen control
Sheet Thickness (mm)0.5 - 6mm
Max. Sheet Size (mm)1000 x 800
Min. Sheet Size (mm)150 x 150
Press BrakeHG10003ATC
ATC15 punches, 18 dies
RobotHG robot 020 (payload 20kg)
Trackstroke length 4\ 6.4\ 8.8m*
Regripping Devicevertical type, clamp
Gripper3 groups (combination, mechanic, vacuum)
Loading1 EUR-PAL \ 2 EUR-PAL \ 2 EUR-PAL with LD camera (*depending on track length)
Unloading1 EUR-PAL \ 2 EUR-PAL \ 3 EUR-PAL \ 2 EUR-PAL plus 1 Conveyor (*depending on track length)
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